Automotive Photography

It was whilst shooting with his trusty 10 x 8 inch Sinar camera for the Automotive Industry that proved to be the epitome of Lesʼs photography - studio, location, people and travel.

In the studio his experience of training with Britains leading Arts Photographer Zoe Dominic paid dividends; in Londonʼs West End theatreʼs whilst studying the techniques of Lighting Directors going about their craft, this had certainly left its mark on him.

So, the opportunity of working along side renown teams of set builders, model makers and scenic artists now brought out the best in Les. Talents like Joe Lyon, Geoff Hudson and the Grand Master of all, - Carmel Said, all created stunning backdrops for the very latest of automobiles. Londonʼs Southbank Studios, Magic Eye and Park Royalʼs Studios, Dusseldorfʼs Pro Studios, Barcelonaʼs Impuls Studios and the Victorine Studio Complex In Nice all proved resourceful with their facilities for these inspired teams. Whilst on location, a Tuscan Skyline, a ʻglass and steelʼ Commercial Centre or the wilds of a Scottish Highland offered the perfect idyllic settings for those shiny metal icons.

That initial request in1984 from Rolls Royce Motors Ltd, to shoot a new Bentley brochure had now progressed into commissions from the giants of car manufacturers. Companies such as Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Seat, BMW, Ford, Peugeot, Skoda, Land Rover/ Range Rover, Volvo Trucks, Porsche and Citroen now graced his portfolio. Les also worked on the brochure, alongside Patrick Litchfield, that helped form the launch of Range Rover into the USA.

Being represented with agents in the UK, France, Spain and Germany helped spawn a career of over twenty years in the Automotive industry for him.

With commissions from the quintessential British marque of Jaguar over the years, Les witnessed such innovative design transpire from that stable. The XJ and S-type saloons, the XK sports range and of course, that breathtakingly beautiful ʻsuper-carʼ the XJ 220. So it seems more logical to focus on his Jaguar shoots in this, the Automotive Portfolio of Lesʼs photography.

After making a successful transition from film to the digital age, itʼs hardly surprising that Les is still producing high quality images for the commercial world. Art Directors and clients alike all seem to agree on what makes Lesʼs work stand alone, - “his lighting”. This ability to bring life into photography, no matter what the subject is truly his signature.