Having more than forty years of being a professional photographer to his credit, Les’s vast
experience covers most aspects in the photographic world. From the Honorary Fellowship, awarded to
him by his former Art College (Coventry University) in recognition of his work,
to the popular ‘workshop on lighting’, commissioned by De Montfort University, his experience is
truly enlightening.
Whether it’s digital or film based cameras (35mm, medium and large format), he’s approach to his
craft is based upon achieving the desired results ‘in camera’ rather than relying on the
‘Photoshop’ post production methods.
This valuable knowledge is readily available to amateurs with ‘entry level’ cameras, or those with
more sophisticated models. Students that are aspiring for more specialised tuition and professional
photographers, determined to ‘raise their game’, will also find his workshops beneficial.
On completion of a relaxed consultation with Les, a ‘bespoke’ workshop program will be created.
These workshops for the individual, or to groups of up to four people, demonstrate Les’s approach
to detail, with both camera and lighting techniques.
They truly do ‘Set Ice on Fire.’

Ice and Fire